NAME Online Houseparty


Message from Alician and Debbie

What is THE best part of any vacation or tour?? Well it is SHOPPING!!!!
Our Sales room is open every day!!!! So be sure to check out all of our fabulous dealers! And check back often, and show them some love with purchases!! LOL!!

Another highly anticipated activity at houseparties are the Roundtables!! We will have both regular and mega roundtables. We have some wonderful offerings for you to snatch up! Be sure you order before the end of the Houseparty!

Thursday Evening we will be having a chat for everyone that would like to talk about the Thursday Night Project, Imagination Suites.

Forgot to order it?? That’s OK, because we are still taking orders for the project. But you must order before May 19th. No orders will be accepted after that date. You can order

Remember that box you got in the mail?? The one that said DO NOT OPEN until May 15th??

Well……………. You can open it now!!!
We want to thank Ruth Stewart and Robin Betterley for their
onderful souvenirs! We think they are fabulous!!!
We also want to thank Janet Smith for donating and 3D printing some of the committee gifts! AND ALL of the web work!!!!! We owe you sooooo much! And we are very grateful and appreciative for all your hard work!!!! 
Oh, by the way, the instructions for finishing off your committee gifts are on the
committee gifts
. Make sure you save them!

Now, we are off!!!! Please follow us to the
tours page