NAME Online Houseparty


Ruth and Dan Stewart

Dan was the designer of Ruth’s first web site on Yahoo. Within a couple years they outgrew it so he built a brand-new web site and upgraded her to a fancier and more customizable look.  It was shortly after that Ruth bought him a laser cutter and Dan began designing doilies and kits. The products just keep coming. He also decided to purchase a 3D printer 5 years ago and now runs 4 of them. A machine helps cut the molds he designs.  He still maintains Ruth’s web sites and now is the Web Master of NAMEs web site.

The Stewarts sell their products online, at miniature shows throughout the United States and Internationally.  They support miniatures in general and NAME in many ways.  Ruth is the Regional Coordinator for the A2 region, and serves on the Board of Trustees as the RC Liaison.  Dan was on the Board of Trustees as the Tech Liaison for 2 years before that. He still maintains all his responsibilities for NAMEs website. He is also the State Rep for Montana.

The Stewarts live in rural Montana, with their two children Sophia (10) and Tristan (7). Many of you have seen them at shows since they were infants under the table. They now are old enough to attend conventions and HP and are following in their parent’s footsteps helping to design their own kits. They are great little helpers at the shows too.

Ruth has loved miniatures since she was a small girl.  One of her treasured possessions was a collapsible metal dollhouse, that was lost in one of many family moves.  Her mother-in-law gave her a Victorian dollhouse kit for her birthday one year, It took her 1 full year to complete and that prompted Ruth to start creating and filling her house with furnishings and foods that she made herself.  It didn’t take long before her husband, Dan, suggested she find an outlet for her creations before they over took their real home.  Ruth found that her local miniature store was willing to sell her items. From this discovery that people actually wanted to buy her things, Stewart Dollhouse Creations was born.
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