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Robin and Shawn Betterley

Robin and Shawn Betterley met at camp as kids and continued that relationship into marriage.   The journey into miniature’s began when the Betterley’s were asked to paint some furniture for a dollhouse being made for children to play with.  They also took the furniture to craft shows where it sold faster than anything else.  Miniature shows were discovered soon afterward and they were intrigued with all things small.  They couldn’t wait to try to make foods, holiday items, dolls, sewing baskets and other wonderful things. 
They opened their New Hampshire miniature shop in 1979 which they managed until it closed in 1993.  When their youngest daughter graduated high school, they moved to the family home in Bangor
Maine.   They enjoy day to day life in their century old home and gardens which they have spent time renovating. While working with miniatures they discovered that some companies pay for creative designs.  In 1994 they had the opportunity to work with Concord Miniatures with the “Harvest Home Kitchen” followed by” Noah’s Ark Bedroom”. Since that time their designs have been featured on tableware, greeting cards, candle accessories and other products.
Robin is the designer and Shawn runs the business, the are currently producing miniature kits that they designed and laser cut. Their goal is to give our customers a kit they can assemble which will look like the original.

In 2008, Robin and Shawn were inducted to NAME’s Academy of Honor. Shawn has served two terms on NAME’ board of directors. They have been souvenir artist for several events, making 1200 dresses for the National Convention in Florida, making the “Le Poulbot” shop for the Small Scale
Lake City, and creating a Puppet Theatre for Playtime Memories.

The Robin Betterley Team has been working together for many years, designing, producing and selling retail miniature kits.    Robin Betterley’s Miniatures has been in business for over forty years creating, designing, and producing miniatures and miniature kits.   A family business which  Taryn and her husband Scott joined full time almost 6 years ago.  Taryn is the oldest daughter of Robin and Shawn and grew up with miniatures.  The RBM team loves creating new projects for their customers.

The suitcase is in kit form, so you can add your personal touches to it as well. The 1” scale souvenir is the suitcase with the clothes in it.  (Click the pics for a bigger view.)

The suitcase is in kit form, so you can add your personal touches to it as well.
The 1/4th scale one is the Paris scene.
(Click the pics for a bigger view.)

Would you like another of this wonderful souvenir? Or would you like to have the other scale one as well?? Well you can!!! Click
to order your extra souvenirs. But remember to do it before May 19. After that, they will not be available.