NAME Online Houseparty

Houseparty Helpers

Welcome to the Houseparty Helper section. Here you will find all kinds of wonderful items that you could WIN!! Everyone receives ONE free ticket. Please print it out



This is how the Houseparty Helpers will work. Please print off the tickets


.  Print as many as you want to purchase. The price for tickets is as follows:

1 ticket $1

12 tickets $10

25 tickets $20

Then go to the ticket pages and fill in the number of the item you wish to put your ticket in to win for. Mail the tickets AND your check to the NAME office at


PO Box 69

Carmel, IN 46082

If you would like to charge your ticket money, please call Kim at 317-571-8094. We cannot do paypal payment for raffle tickets. Paypal does NOT allow for that.

ALL monies MUST be received at the office by 5PM E


T on May 15th. Houseparty Helpers will be drawn May 17th and posted by the end of the Houseparty.

For a list of the houseparty helpers and the WINNERS, click