NAME Online Houseparty


NAME Members donate items that other members can bid on. Our auctions are typically held through, a site that allows non-profit organizations, like NAME, to run auctions. 

Online communication like email, but instant and continuous.  Online Houseparty attendees will receive the necessary logins/passwords to allow them to chat with other Online Houseparty attendees.
A NAME houseparty is a live event, typically lasting 3 days with some pre-houseparty events.  It is a fundraiser for NAME, but includes many activities for the attendees including sharing meals, getting souvenirs, taking workshops or theme luncheons, swapping minis, shopping in the sales room and much more.
Houseparty Helpers
These are items donated by NAME members.  Online Houseparty attendees may buy tickets for a chance to win these items.  Ticket orders are placed ahead of time so that houseparty helper winners can be announced during the online houseparty. 
Online Houseparty
Much like the real-life NAME houseparties, but it takes place on the internet.  They may include online sales tables, workshops, projects, roundtable kits, etc.

Small kits for sale with limits placed on price and length of time required to complete the kits.  For the online houseparty, these will be shown on the online houseparty and kits can be ordered directly through the RT vendors.
Sales Room
For the online houseparty, there will be several pages of vendors offering special items for sale during the houseparty or special discounts through their websites just for online houseparty attendees. 
These are artisan make items or kits.  For physical houseparty, these are given out during meal functions.  For an online houseparty, these will be mailed to online houseparty registrants. 
Theme Luncheons
At a physical houseparty, these are real luncheons with real food where an instructor will present information on a particular technique.  Gifts are also given which are generally special items made by a miniature artisan just for theme luncheon attendees.  For an online houseparty, the gifts are send via mail; the presentations may come through email or could be YouTube videos or online presentations. 
At a physical houseparty, tours are offered to allow attendees to see some of the local sites.  For an online houseparty, we can see the world!  Tours will be come in your jammies and enjoy! 

Workshops are a teacher led class where you learn how to make or do something in miniature.  For an online houseparty, you get a kit or supplies with instructions in the mail. The teacher may schedule the date and time that they will be available in the chat room for a “live” class session or may offer a video class through something like