NAME Online Houseparty

Garage Sale

Welcome to the Around the World in 8 Days garage sale page! I know…. You are wondering, how does this all work??? Well, let me explain…

Garage sales will be held through out the Houseparty, so you will want to check back here often and check the schedule for the times that they start. You will follow these links to the 32Auctions site.

The garage sale is different than the auction, as everything listed for the garage sale is “BUY IT NOW”. The items will be in visible grab bags, which means, you will receive everything that is pictured in the photo.

NO asking for items to be switched with other items, what you see is what you get! First one to click the button gets it! We will combine shipping of the garage sale items with other garage sale items, but we cannot combine auction wins and garage sale items, because they are in 2 different states…. LOL!! If some items are not bought, we will reduce the price the next day….. so keep checking back!

We have items for everyone! So come on in and take a look around! We also have items in all scales!

Good Luck!! And have fun!!!

Garage Sale #1:  Starts May 15th 9AM EST  (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #2:  Starts May 15th 7 PM EST  (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #3:  Starts May 16th 8 AM EST  (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #4:  Starts May 16th 7 PM EST (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #5:  Starts May 17th 8 AM EST (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #6:  Starts May 17th 8 PM EST (CLOSED)

Garage Sale #7:  Starts May 18th 8 AM EST

Garage Sale #8:  Starts May 18th 8 PM EST

Garage Sale #9:  Starts May 18th 8 PM EST

If you already have an account on, you may login and Buy-it-Now using that account.  If not, please follow these instructions to create an account:

Click on the
garage sale
link and then the login button in the upper left corner. 
Below the login in button, it says create an account
Enter all the information requested and hit Create Account
You will receive an email verification from 32Auctions.  Click on the link in the email and you will be ready to go.
When the auction promo goes out, it is attached to a specific link for that Auction and that link changes every auction.  Click on the link and then the green button to view the items up for Auction.

If you are using an IPad, click on auction link and then click on the 3 little lines at top of screen.

Click on Login and then all the way at the bottom, there is an option for creating an account. 

Click on that and enter all information requested and hit create account.