NAME Online Houseparty

This is the site for the next NAME (

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

) Online Houseparty.  It hasn't been scheduled yet, but we had so much fun at the last one, we'll definitely have another!  Watch this space and the NAME website and NAME's Miniature Gazette for more info!

We have left up some links to some great tutorials that we discovered for the online houseparty. Please take time to enjoy the links and the sites. And if you are watching a Youtube video, please remember to give them a like! Also we have some of the places that we




during the online houseparty. We hope you enjoy them, and that is helps give you an idea of what happens at an online houseparty. Also take heed that some of the links over time might not work. Hope to see you at the next online houseparty!

What is an online houseparty?  It's a chance to enjoy all of the events that take place at a physical houseparty, but carried out through email, online, through regular mail, chat rooms, and this website.   We'll have a sales room (with lots of specials from lots of your favorite mini dealers), workshops (the kits will be mailed to you), theme luncheons (the gifts will be mailed to you), souvenirs (also mailed!), houseparty helpers, roundtable kits, auctions, tours, games/prizes/free tutorials....the list goes on and on!